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Coping with Change

I have nothing to say about all the news coming out. There is such a complete saturation of new news, with about half of it fake news. Of course, most of the liberal news demonizing the conservatives is simply propaganda. During this last winter and spring season, I have begun to observe that our world is changing at an alarming rate. Why the change? God is coming. Now God is not coming now in that final, ultimate, post judgment sense. He is coming in and through His people. This arrival of the kingdom age has not yet really crested upon the awareness of many people, especially Christians. For more on the kingdom age listen to Kat Kerr on You Tube. But looking past the labeling of any current reality, one phenomena exists that cannot be argued: change is here. Our world is changing.
Last night I was watching a report on the computer virus developed by our esoteric community called Stuxnet. Its real name was called Olympic Games, or O.G. I think this was a veiled nod to “Old Gangster…

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