Fly Lands Three Times on Hillary During Debate #2

Landed on Her Face
Quick Reaction to the Debate

Landed on Her Shirt
Wow! What a gloves off fight at the Presidential debate tonight. Tonight I have the sense of such an historic moment. There was a shift tonight, a turning of the tide. I saw it in the middle of the debate, when they left the old news behind, and Donald got specific on Bill the Rapist issues.

While I'm not proud of what Donald said eleven years ago, I am proud of him for standing up to the intense condemnation and pressure. Donald proved that he could stand up and fight with words with one of the highest paid professional speakers of all time. He had to get dirty, because she was going to FORCE him to go there. I'm glad he did. It was good for him and America to get the nitty gritty out on the table. Here is the truth: many many people have made similar comments as Donald did. It's true. Did you know that the book "Fifty Shades of Gray" is rife with such language, and eighty million people in America purchased it? Talk about disgusting. I never purchased that book, but I've said stuff I've had to repent over.

We know that Hillary is guilty of so much! This woman is a stone cold serial liar. For those of us who research, the lies are painful and clear. Praise be to God! The Lord knows how to show it with a FLY. There were three different times tonight I saw the fly.  I saw this three years ago happen with Obama. I posted about it here. 

First the fly was on her forehead. The second was on her shirt. The third time, the fly landed on the mic hand when she mentioned Michelle Obama. For those of us who understand the things of the spirit, this is a definite sign. She is a liar, and flies are a prophetic picture of lies. I hope you will evaluate what she said about the judges she will pick. She was clear on that. If you can't vote for Donald, then I put it on you what our nation will look like in four years when she puts those judges in office the tear apart the very fabric of our nation. Please pray and ask the Lord how He'd have you vote. Look beyond the personal issues of broken people, and examine the issues.

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Action speaks louder than words, and she helped cover him up!


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