Living through Election 2016 - Trump Vs. Clinton

Captain's Log: Star Date: Sat, 29 October 2016 = 27th of Tishrei, 5777
  • כ״ז בְּתִשְׁרֵי תשע״ז

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The elections are around the corner in ten days. All of America seems to hang in the balance. Some people walk around pretending the drama doesn't exist. Regardless, we all as a nation seem to brace for one big collective inhale, and then hold our breath. What will happen? Are we going to be okay tomorrow? Is our nation going to make it?

The Challenge of a Threatened Identity

For many, this is a season of fear. For some it is a season of faith. Fear and faith are actually the same function within the soul, the only difference is whether or not you believe in a favorable outcome, or a negative one. I have great joy because regardless of the outcome, Jesus Christ is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and nothing anyone says can change that fact. This is awesome, because Holy Spirit is taking our nation on a roller coaster ride that will end up blessing both sides.

I really feel for all Democrats and Republicans, and the undecided. Everyone seems to feel that life as we have known it is over. This seems to be the one universal conviction, and it is true. This is the threatened identity of our nation. Those on the left want the new identity rooted in the ideals of social justice, tolerance, and political correctness. Those on the right want the rule of law, and the preservation of our original vision of the Spirit of 1776.

These two sets of values have not found a way to coexist peacefully. For some reason, both sides feel that the other side has sufficient degree of illegitimacy that they can demonize each other. I submit to you that this is the fruit of secrecy and evil alliances within our leadership.

What Identity does Donald J. Trump threaten?

I think the left is deeply afraid of Trump's Big Mouth. that Donald will bring America back to Racial profiling, political/national unilateralism, and a potential starter of WW3. "Will we get along with the other nations?" They wonder? They seem him as a threat to the immigrants and the families of immigrants.  They see Trump and his judges as the end of progressive sexuality, i.e. the rescinding of abortion rights. They really truly feel suspicious that he will end certain privileges the left has fought hard for. like Obama Care, and the attempt to socialize our medicine. They are afraid that the social gains we've made will be eroded, and the poverty cycle will continue.

What Identity does Hillary threaten?
Those on the right feel that Clinton will undermine the rule of law. She will erode our borders, and all radicalized Muslims to threaten our nation. They feel that she will reinterpret the constitution through her judges, and take away our first and second  amendment rights, leaving us vulnerable to a tyrannical government. They feel that Clinton will continue to allow and foster Washington D.C. corruption. They feel that under her, humanity and life will be threatened with the advancement of abortion, and marginal issues like euthanasia will be thought of as okay. They are afraid that under her leadership, she will start WW3, and globalists corporations will have ever increasing opportunities to steal from all nations for the benefit of personal gain. There is so much more I could say here, because I've looked at it so hard.

The Solution: In God we trust!
The solution is that God is here now. Most cannot see Him, but He, the Lord Jesus, is in our midst. This is very good news for those that want justice, the rule of law, social justice, and integrity within our nation. God is in charge of this election! That is why there is such a degree of exposure on both sides.

WE will return again to love, as we learn to embrace the Identity of Jesus Christ. Some may see this as a polarizing point of view. Alas, this is the real drama being played out. There are a host of people that deny the identity of Jesus Christ, and there are a host of people who embrace Him. How can we live peaceably together? We must agree on the rule of law, or perish. The law must be just, and we must push for the integrity of our civil government. In the mean time, we must allow the Kingdom of Jesus Christ within us to manifest, so those who can't see it start seeing it.


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