A Day of Signs...

My work horse for the last 8 years. I will miss this car!
There are times in life when God highlights his new agenda for our lives. He brings about signs, wonders, and circumstances beyond personal control that really move his agenda to priority one. Yesterday was one of those days for me.

I was comfortably driving to work yesterday at 7am. I got off the freeway, stopped at the signal and waited. When the light turned green, I made to go, but nothing happened. I looked down, the gear was in drive, the engine was reeving. Suddenly the tires chirped, and I took off. As I went down the road, my car started going slower and slower, and my engine went faster. Aaaaa! What was happening? I thought. I realized that I was not going to make it to school, and it was 31* outside. Suddenly I saw a repair plus auto garage across the street. I just turned, and coasted in. The outcome is that the transmission is broken.

God is so good! A few days ago, on Sunday, I decided to take the day off from church and webcast the sermon. That morning I had a dream. The dream involved the very pastor who preached that day. His name is Allen. In the dream Allen told me that I needed to purchase a car at the 180,000 mark, and that it was very significant. He kept yelling, really yelling, how significant it was to hear the Lord. When I woke up, I called my wife and told her about the dream. I told her we might need to buy a new car. My current odometer was 179,300. She acknowledged my dream, and the word, but said we could process it later. I joked that afternoon that she should just take in on Monday and buy me a new car.

Wednesday night we had a serious conversation about all of the possibilities. In the end, I said, “You know, God told me he’d bring me a new car, and I’ll just wait until the timing is right. Little did I know that the new day would be tomorrow.

So back at the service center I called my assistant principal Robert and he graciously offered to come get me. I was so grateful. We drove to school together and talked all the way there. After school, we had an academic night around 6 pm. So a few of us decided to go out to dinner together. So we went to the local Mexican restaurant.  I decided to ask to get a ride back to school with Robert. As we walked out, I said, “Man, what a crazy day this is. I am so grateful for you and grateful for your car!” As I did, I patted his car with my hand. What happened next shocked us both. His car alarm went off, and he could not get it turned off! He opened his car with his key, but nothing turned off. The alarm shut the car down so it couldn’t get robbed. Then, like a pack of dogs, another car in the parking lot had it’s alarm going off. Robert looks and me and declares! “Will, what did you do to my car?!” I said, “Nothing! All I did was give it a grateful pat!” After a few minutes the alarm stopped, and we tried it again, and repeated the process. Now his car was shut down! Fortunately the other teachers with us had a vehicle. We decided to change the faub battery, and went down to Walmart to buy a new one. That worked, but everyone blamed me for the battery failure!

Later that night, Heidi came to pick me up. I had just finished being harassed by the teaching staff over my apparent anointing to break cars. Everyone was saying, “Will, don’t touch my car!” I thoroughly enjoyed it.

As we drove home together, and talked about buying a new car, I told Heidi that I heard the Lord telling me to buy a 2017 model. I have actually never bought a new car before. Suddenly as the words fell from my lips, she says: “Hey, I see a shooting star!” I saw it too :)

BTW, 8 years ago I wrote a post about buying this car. Our car before this one had the transmission die on it as well. We drove it for three months with no reverse! All in all I drove this car about 160 thousand miles. What a great car, thank you Lord!


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