Kingdom Update: College Professors to be blown off their feet!

This morning I had a great dream. I was a young university student, and I found myself back at the boys dorm room. I had a great time bantering with the guys, and then I got my schedule. I went over the day, and then headed out to find my class. When I found it, the professor was standing in the street by the corner of an intersection. I thought it was a weird place to have a classroom. [Reminded me of their role in political demonstrations, fueling the unrest.] Then I saw cars drive by, and splash the professor. She was all wet. Then I saw a big commercial jet fly low, dive bomb, and then pull up. The jet wind from the engines blew her up into the air. She fell down hard. I ran over to her. She was scratched up. I asked her if she was hurt, and she said she was okay. Then I saw another jet, a Big Blue, come flying in low, and make a right turn around the professor. The jet dipped it's wing in the puddle by her feet. I was amazed. She just kept on attempting to teach. The End.

When I woke up, I asked God about the dream. He said, "I'm fixin' to blow these professors off their feet." Then He said "Release the Word". So here is the word:

"You ain't seen nothing yet! College/University professors, you are on notice! I AM is fixin' to blow you off your feet with the fresh wind my Holy Spirit! You will not be harmed by this wind, but you will not be able to preach your sermons in the classroom pulpit like you used to! God has a big bulls-eye on you, you are marked by I AM! Repent! For the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. The destructive and hostile message you have been releasing to the youth of America has been a destroyer of identities. I AM is a restorer of Identities. You attempts to confuse the issues through secular humanism are no more! This is a Daniel Moment: Mene Mene Tekel Parsin! You have be weighed, measured and found wanting. I Am coming to overthrow your ideology! Do you not know that I the Lord, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, have in fact created you? I have ways to get your attention to this truth, and I am sending my ambassadors into your classrooms to do demonstrations of power. Your days of standing are over. You are coming into the days of learning how to get back on your feet!" Selah.


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