Coping with Change

I have nothing to say about all the news coming out. There is such a complete saturation of new news, with about half of it fake news. Of course, most of the liberal news demonizing the conservatives is simply propaganda. During this last winter and spring season, I have begun to observe that our world is changing at an alarming rate. Why the change? God is coming.
Now God is not coming now in that final, ultimate, post judgment sense. He is coming in and through His people. This arrival of the kingdom age has not yet really crested upon the awareness of many people, especially Christians. For more on the kingdom age listen to Kat Kerr on You Tube. But looking past the labeling of any current reality, one phenomena exists that cannot be argued: change is here. Our world is changing.

Last night I was watching a report on the computer virus developed by our esoteric community called Stuxnet. Its real name was called Olympic Games, or O.G. I think this was a veiled nod to “Old Gangster”.  The interesting part of this documentary was the seeming quantum leap forward in software virus technology. Warfare is now happening in a manner that is not known by most.

Beyond this, there was the election process of Clinton and Trump. Lies within lies from the press, and whistle-blowers outing them, it was a ping-pong match type of war that was conducted almost entirely through social media. The mind-blowing thing was that no one is able to be a conservative and remain socially acceptable. As a Trump supporter, I made everyone mad. Praise God Trump won, because Hillary might have launched into WWIII. She was socially acceptable, but very corrupt on so many levels. (I am not arguing this, just asserting it. You will have to do your own research.) What is amazing though is how political campaigns are conducted! What a radical difference.

Then there is Obama, the hack ex-President that has worked so hard to undermine Trump. When in history has a previous president sought to undermine the following administration? Why IS he working so hard to fight his political war?

In the face of all this change, I have taken comfort in a few pastimes. First, reading the Bible has just been wonderful. There is something so wonderful about getting lost in the story of Abraham living in a tent, or seeing Jacob’s eyes light up when he discovers Rachel. Entering into those remote places in the old stories has a way to transporting one out of time, or into a timeless perspective.

The second pastime is reading history. People don’t read history, but when history is read, there is a tremendous perspective that ensues.  I read a narrative about the U.S.S. Arizona, and how it was sunk at sea. A bunch of the men jumped overboard and found themselves adrift in the south pacific sea. One of the men was much older, and a pastor. He gave up his life jacket for one of the other men, and then slipped away in the night, to find rest in a watery grave.

The third pastime is reading fiction. There is something so immediately satisfying about a good story with many implausibility’s about it. This can remove so many of our immediate concerns in the present.

Then there is the Lord. He is my bedrock. Every day he breathes new life into my heart. How can I make it one day without his person as a reprieve?

I almost forgot: a Shabbat cigar and a glass of wine can take the edge off the concerns of the day. Thank you Lord for your goodness. Tomorrow will come with problems, but you will be there to be the solution. 


eduarte said…
Ya there is so much noise out there. All this saber rattling back and forth. One question?
Did the Safari Boys write Stunet aka OG? Lol

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